Friday, September 9, 2011

Winter Is Coming...

How do I convey my obsession with Pendleton Blankets?
I love, love, love, love, love all things Pendleton.  
My grandfather gave my family our first wool blanket when I was young, and our collection has been growing ever since.  
I got my very own Pendleton Blanket as a Christmas gift this year.  I love it, though it's only the beginning of what will become a vast collection.
Sitting on top of my Pendleton Blanket.
 I also have a beautiful B.B. Dakota coat that is inspired by old Pendleton Patterns.
Please excuse the goofiness of my expression the photo:  it was taken outside of Voodoo Donuts (hence the wide open mouth) over spring break when I went to Portland with Shannon.  We visited the Pendleton Woolen Mills while we were in Oregon too.  I would have taken every blanket in the store home and snuggled up under the huge pile of them, if I could.
Pendleton inspired coat.
Of course, when I learned this spring that Pendleton Woolen Mills was collaborating with the Portland design team Church and State, I couldn't stop jumping up and down.  I didn't think Fall could come fast enough, and with it, the debut of the new line: The Portland Collection.  (Just ask Shannon, who had to listen to me squeak and squeal about it for months!)  The line is out now in the states and, fingers crossed, maybe it will come here to Europe also! Could you imagine bundling up in these in the the winds of autumn and cold of winter?  They'll be perfect!