Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hungry For More...

I'm still not convinced Bordeaux has much to offer in the way of good food- there isn't even an Anthony Bourdain episode about Bordeaux!
I've never really used yelp to find places eat, I generally rely on word of mouth or the ambiance of a restaurant to decide where to go.  Here in Bordeaux, however, the restaurants are generally variations on the same theme and it's difficult to one storefront from another.  Yelp isn't widely used here, and Qype, the French equivalent hasn't been particularly helpful. 
Tsoleene, Hannah and I decided we are going to remedy this and start reviewing restaurants on our own.
Tonight we chose Fufu Noodles.  We made our decision based on the amount of people packed into this tiny hole-in-the-wall eatery on Rue Saint Remi. 
Inside, we we're seated at the bar facing the open kitchen where cooks flipped and fried noodles in giant woks.

When you convert the prices into dollars, the noodle bowls are a bit steep (9-12 Euros).  They are quite large however and you could stretch one meal into two if you take your left overs to go.  Hannah's dinner was the best of the three, she ordered the Yasai Ramen, wok fried noodles that  tasted almost of cinnamon, with pickled ginger on top.
Though I understand the appeal of Fufu, with it's easy going ambiance and warmly lit interiors, I would not necessarily make this restaurant a destination.  Many of the dishes were too rich or too plain, both short comings when you're faced with such a massive bowl of ramen.  

I'm not sure if that really constitutes much of a restaurant review.  I think there are other things a proper critic is supposed to address, in addition to eating at the establishment on at least three different occasions for the sake of a well rounded review.  Unfortunately, I haven't got the means, as a student, to eat a places that are not always the best they can be.  I am here only to eat best of the best food and I cannot slow down until I find the best restaurants in Bordeaux.