Friday, September 9, 2011

A Sunday Market...

The University of Bordeaux is quite far from Bordeaux itself.  It takes half an hour to get to Place de la Victoire, the beginning of Bordeaux proper.  The tram ride between the University and the city takes you through the banlieues, or suburbs, of Bordeaux.  Bègles and Talence create a southern border between the city and the University and on the other side of Bordeaux3 lies Pessac, where students from the unlucky EAP group at Village 3 have been going to the mini mart to buy various inedible things for lunch and dinner.
Despite their meager offerings however, (only a Carrefour and a Paul near the tram stop), the Sunday Market in Pessac is a wonderful place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, oysters and paella, bread and pastries.  
This was the first time I'd had fruit thus far in France.  (The Carrefour's fruit and vegetable offerings are so sad and wilted, I can't bring myself to eat them.)  
We struggled through the masses of people wedged in between the narrow rows of stands, sampling produce and pastries.  We picnic-ed on our treasures and promised to make Sunday Market's a weekly event. 
 Now I'm on a hunt to find the best market in Bordeaux! 

Not quite a balanced breakfast, but the best I've had thus far in France...