Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday Shannon!
This week Shannon turned 21.  While I missed the night festivities, I threw her a southern dinner party as soon as I got back into town.  
We had everything a good southern belle should have on her birthday.  We started on the porch with bowls of nectarine sorbet from The Penny Ice Creamery.  While we waited for Ryan, we drank mint juleps with Jack Daniel's Honey Whiskey and snacked on roasted peanuts.  We moved indoors for dinner which was made up of grilled tomatoes and padrone peppers dusted with course sea salt, fresh corn bread, ragin' cajun saugsages from El Salchichero, coleslaw, beans baked with porc belly, and smashed potatoes.  It was delicious and so nice to sit on the porch as the sun went down over 
Santa Cruz.

Oops! Caught with a peanut in my mouth!