Sunday, September 25, 2011

Space Invader...

Paris is a city of icons- the Eiffel Tour, the Arc de Triompe, Sacre Coeur, and Space Invader.
Space Invader?
I live behind the red gate, in the window with the flower box. Can you see Space Invader?

This small tile mosaic is the work of Parisian grafitti artist, Invader.  The image is based off of video games from the 70's, with each tile representing a pixel.  The first Invader mosaic was found in Paris in 1998 and, to date, Invader has tagged over one thousand walls in the city.  
While this urban art is well-known in the capital, I had little idea that the artist had invaded other cities around France, and the globe.  
It was a surprise and a treat to find, then, a space invader on my street in Bordeaux!  I live on a very small rue by from my window, I can see a small green alien descending on my neighbors.
I wonder where the other Space Invaders are in Bordeaux...