Monday, June 18, 2012

Cafe Delmarette...

On the mornings I'm not even pretending to do homework, Cafe Delmarette is my go to spot.  (My excuse for skipping school work: they don't have wifi.)
What they do have, however, is the most addictive scone in the whole wide world.  Spicy sausage and cheese is my daily order. I do find it funny, that even after two and a half months of eating this scone every morning, the person behind the counter still asks me what I would like.  As though I would order something different!  I'm sure they have other good things on the menu, but I have never waivered in my loyalty.

Besides their killer scones, Delmarette also has really nice monthly art shows.  During May, my friend Louise had her work hanging on the walls.  Inspired by amusement parks and boxing rings of the past, I love Louise's characters like "Pesaro" and "Gravino" that make appearances across her work and compete to be THE GREATEST.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Westside Market...

The Santa Cruz farmers markets are the social event of the week.  Everyone is there- friends, neighbors, butchers, bakers and I'm sure some one there must moonlight as a candlestick maker.  
Each market has its own vibe.  Wednesday downtown is packed to the gills with produce tents, drum beating bohemians, and a bike valet.  Saturday morning on the West side is a bit more low key. People stroll by for breakfast, to watch a fiddling band of print makers, and to buy flowers.
This spring, the Ranunculus have been going crazy!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Big Sur...

Sometimes Ryan and I will take miniature trips along the coast.  Anything to make it feel like we're traveling again.