Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Quick Detour...

On the way to France, I had a short stop in England to visit family.  It was a quick two days in Horsham, but relaxing.  
My grandmother and I spent an afternoon picking out plants from the garden shop.  We potted striped kale with decorative black grass, making patchworks of plants for the containers in the back yard.  
We watched Midnight in Paris, for the second time.  I read my book and slowly acclimated myself to the time change.
On the last night, we went to a traditional English Pub.  The ambiance was warm and cozy but my expectations for English food were quite low. I was not disappointed, therefore, when the food lived down to my expectations.  
I ate "bubble and squeak", flavorless short sausages on a mound of unflavored mashed potatoes. 
Fingers crossed for good food in France!!

Bubble and Squeek.

Shepard's pie.