Friday, September 23, 2011

In The Kitchen...

Here at number 10, we are wearing tracks into the linoleum of our kitchen floor.  The past week, it's been cooking central chez nous and every dinner we've eaten has been French themed!  Julia would be proud.

The yellow tint of all these photos frustrates me to no ends.  I've developed a habit that is very francaise, of eating really late at night.  Because it's dark when we start cooking, it makes it difficult to take pictures.  The yellow walls don't seem to help the situation either...
Just pretend you're looking at a cookbook from the seventies until I learn to use my camera.

 Moules from the Sunday market with fennel and shallots.
 The first time we made French Onion Soup, we realized that there just wasn't enough!  Using all the burners was the perfect solution.
 Araignée de porc (this translates to "spiders of pork"...I don't know why) from our local boucher down the street, with baked goat cheese rolled in an herb crust atop pain noir and sautéed wild mushrooms from Dordogne.
 Hot pressed sandwiches.

Fig cake with marscarpone frosting.  (Er, fig loaf I guess. We don't have a cake pan...)
Nectarine Jam made from fresh fruit from the Sunday Market.
This isn't really French at all, but Hannah taught me a neat trick:  when your pasta is ready, it will stick to the wall when you fling it.  This could become a bad habit...