Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An Afternoon Excursion...

I've become so accustomed to hauling my camera around that even an afternoon without it has become a some what scary event.  Luckily, Danielle was prepared where I was not, and the following are her photos from an afternoon we spent in the countryside touring one of Bordeaux appellations, Sauturn.
I am a complete wine novice, so everything we learned today was new to me, from the regions "noble rot", to the grape epidemic a few years past when farmers turned to American root stock to save their crops.  
Sauturn was a special vineyard of sweet wine grapes, tiny, yellow and delicious right off the vine.  The grapes are left on the vine until they are the size and texture of a raisin.  This concentration of sugars makes for a sweet, sweet wine, best paired, I think, with a salty cheese platter.  
Though tasty, I still do not feel adequately equipped to properly taste a wine and determine its subtleties and tones.  
This will change soon however, I hope to take a wine class soon, here in Bordeaux!

Sauturn grapes.  Can you see them start to pucker near the top like raisins? 

The winery's owner, giving a tour of his vineyard.