Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fishy Pedi...

Who would have thought that sticking your feet into a carnivorous-fish-infested waters would ever be à la mode.  
These Fishy Pedi's are hugely popular here in France, and every spa has a room complete with man-eating-fish bowls.  
Though intriguing, I did not expect to partake in this experience, despite its potential to be, "culturally enriching".  But how can one turn down an opportunity on Groupon?  
For un bon prix we booked a spa date for Wednesday afternoon and took the plunge into the world of the Fishy Pedi.

If I had ever know the French word for tickle, I had forgotten it.  Laughing and squirming, we couldn't convey to our spa lady how chatouilleux we were! Nothing tickles more than the sensation of tiny fish nibbling at your toes and swimming around your heels!
If you remember the soles of my feet from the last time I was in France, maybe Fishy Pedis aren't such a crazy idea after all!