Monday, October 31, 2011

No Reservations...

Tucked away on a side street and easily overlooked during the day, we were drawn by the lights and smells coming from this tiny cave of a restaurant in Essaouira.  To enter, you must walk through the kitchen, and into a small, three stool room.  There are only two items on the menu:  Harira, Moroccan soup of tomato and lentils, and half round of bread stuffed with fried potato patties.  Good luck ordering just one of the two.  It doesn't seem to be an option. 

Jami and I have decided that our eating adventures here constitute as "field work".  We're doing our job, and we're doing it well, braving gastrointestinal issues from foreign food and tummy aches from stuffing ourselves with, "just one more bite!"  
Anthony Bourdain, I think, would be proud.