Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In The Riad...

This is the most beautiful hostel in the entire world.
Never before have I seen such elegant accommodations for weary backpackers and world travelers.
Equity Point Hostel offers not only a place to sleep, but adventure tours of Morocco, a spa on the top floor, cooking classes and the most beautiful rooftop terrace in the world. 
Closer to the equator, dusk falls earlier and the top of the riad is the perfect place socialize and meet other travelers, or just sit in silence and listen to the chilling sound of the muezzin calling the prayers from the nearby mosque. 
I could stay in this place forever.

P.S.  Equity Point Hostel is nearly impossible to find (unless you're with me, of course ;) ).
I'll be back in Marrakesh tomorrow and, if I can get my video recorder working, I will take you on a tour through the souks of the medina, and right up to the front door!