Friday, October 21, 2011

Ice Cream Island...

Who gets to decide the best ice cream in the world?
Berthillon is a Parisian landmark and the source of much local pride. or is it revenue?
All across Ile Saint-Louis, Berthillon is  painted on every restaurant and cafĂ©.  Signs and guidebooks lure people in, and despite the abundance of competitors on every corner, Berthillon reigns strong.  It is after all, the "best ice cream in the world".
Small scoops and frosty texture, however, leave me in discord with the experts.  I would chance to argue that Berthillon is not the best ice cream in the world.  Biased as I am, I still think the best ice cream can be found here.

29-31, rue Saint Louis en Ile
Paris, 75004

Metro: Pont Marie