Wednesday, October 26, 2011


How can you capture Morocco in words?
Hopefully these pictures can do a bit to justify my inability to articulate my experience in this place.
Marrakesh is among the most amazing places I have ever been.  The incredible difference between the world of Northern Africa and anything else I've experienced makes it hard to identify points of reference.
Here, my senses are on overdrive.  Ever color, smell and sound is amplified.
It's like a technicolor film, but you're inside, trying to figure out whether anything around you is truly real.  There's no time to reflect on the authenticity of any of these things, however.  In Marrakesh, you must always be on your toes, dodging donkey carts, navigating the twists and turns of the souk's million alleys, fending off enthusiastic sales men and snake charmers, gawking over domesticated monkeys, and gingerly avoiding the rotten chicken heads left out in the streets for the benefit of Morocco's overwhelming cat population.
 Despite the overwhelming stimulus of this place, I have found myself quite at ease.  The red city of Marrakesh is known for its twisting alleys and its penchant for making tourists quite lost.  Though I quite enjoy loosing myself, in books and baking and crowds, I do not generally find myself lost geographically.
I've always been a little bit big headed about my sense of direction, and here finally, in Marrakesh, I have finally converted navigational apostles.  Follow me through Morocco and I'll make sure we're not lost. 

If on the off chance we do, though, it'll just be part of the adventure!