Thursday, October 27, 2011

By The Sea...

Fresh Fresher Freshest
Do you like fresh fish?
It’s just fine at Finney’s Diner.
Finney also has some fresher fish
that’s fresher and much finer.
But his best fish is his freshest fish
and Finney says with pride,
“The finest fish at Finney’s
is my freshest fish, French-fried!"
-Dr. Seuss

There is no fish fresher than at the beachside shacks of Essaouira.  For sixty Moroccan Durams (~6euros) we got 11 plates of fresh fried fish, and a tour of the town from the fish monger who seemed to take a certain liking to Hannah!
This region of Morocco was made famous by visits from Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin who came in search of spiritual enlightenment.  This pilgrimage lives on and Essaouira is awash with aging spiritualists, space cake bakers, and young, new wave hippies. 
Listen to music claimed to be inspired by Essaouira here and here.