Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hot Chocolate...

I love morning time.
While Ethan, Tsoleene and Hannah slept in at our cozy Parisian apartment, I set off on an early morning quest for the perfect cup of hot cocoa.  
I'd done some reading on the subject before heading out, and settled on a place I had read about on Oh Happy Day!, a professional blog written by a crafter from San Francisco who recently relocated to Paris.  (Hmm, sound familiar?)
Follow Jordan's advice, I headed to Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur.  
The hot chocolate there is amazing!  It's thick and hot and so rich I could barely finish my mug. 
Nothing tastes better in the morning than the perfection of a quiet moment with a fresh croissant dipped in steamy chocolate, while the city buzzes about all around you.
 This dog knows exactly what she wants for breakfast!

P.S. It's one of those funny regional things but I've almost forgotten the word for pain au chocolate.  In Bordeaux, a chocolate croissant is called chocolatine, which just might be the sweetest name in the world!

14, avenue Villars
Paris 75007

Metro: Saint-Francois-Xavier