Friday, October 21, 2011


Regardless of whether or not you have made reservations, there is no way around the two hour long line outside of
Le Refuge des Fondues
Up the windy streets of Monmarte, you will find Paris's most novel eatery.  Here at Le Refuge des Fondues, be prepared to walk on the table, bump into your neighbors, ignored by the waiter, tag your name on the walls, and get quite sauced from a baby bottle.
Despite all these drawbacks (or advantages), Le Refuge des Fondues is wildly popular.  The tables are set end to end in order to seat as many people in the dining room at once and the communal dining arrangement makes for fast friends on either side.  Allegedly, the baby bottles full of wine are due to the Parisian 'stem tax', a fee for serving beverages in stemware.  
With the buzz of energy all around you, it is easy to overlook the quality of food.  Stale bread and bad wine are afterthoughts to the fun you will have jousting with your fondue forks and sucking on rubber nipples.  
  Cheers to the funnest meal in all of Paris!
à santé!

17, rue des Trois Frères
Paris 75018

Metro: Anvers