Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Street Food...

I think the reason I have yet to get lost here is that it is so easy to follow your nose!  
Wafting out of every alley and around door frame come the beautiful chorus of smells that make up Morocco.  Spices and charcoal, crushed mint leaves together with the deep smell of old stone walls and dust, all mixed up with things I couldn't even begin to name.
  The best places to eat here are the most aromatic- the food carts, and vendors tucked into small alcoves in the walls of the city souk.  I've eaten everything from snails to camel, and seen everything from paint scrapers for spatulas and cardboard grilling fans, to Gaddafi die over and over again on Moroccan television while a dining room full of Moroccan men translated the news from Arabic into French for our benefit.  
Here are a few meals from Marrakesh, Fez and Essouaira.