Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something Sweet...

Even Hannah, who has always adamantly said she doesn't like sugary things, became a converted sweet-tooth Morocco.  We missed no opportunity to sample the sweet street desserts that called to us from every street corner.  
Here you can find pastilla, an almond and chicken pastry dusted with powedered sugar, two types of Moroccan crêpes, Msemmen which is thick and flakey and Beghrir, thin and warm with a million airy bubbles on the underside. Then, of course there are the fresh fried doughnuts, sesame cookies, banana cakes, and so many things I have no name for.

For one brief moment today, I thought it wouldn't be so bad to go back to Bordeaux after all.  After three weeks of life on the road, I am really beginning to miss of cooking for myself, regardless of how tasty Morocco has been. 
Then I remembered our sorry kitchen: a two-burner electric stove, one tiny easy-bake oven,  and an all to apparent lack of kitchen amenities.

 On second thought, I'd rather just stay here.