Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blue City...

High in the Andalusian hills of Northern Morocco sits a tiny village, nearly indistinguishable from the clouds the crown the mountaintop.  The blue washed walls of Chefchaouen seem to slow the general hustle and bustle of typical Moroccan streets and instead, radiate a calm throughout this small city. This is the sort of place a polar bear might choose to hibernate, the shadows and illusions created by the glacial blue walls created an mirage of ice that melt into the sky.

Tucked here and there in the alleys of the medina, are small fountains, each with a shelf of colorful plastic mugs.  The region is known for its high quality fresh water that tumbles down from the hilltops in streams and waterfalls. The people of Chefchaouen stop regularly at these public fountains to hydrate before make their way up and down the steep city streets.