Sunday, November 20, 2011


 I haven't felt very inspired to leave my bed this past week.  I've been mourning the loss of my camera, which after one to many adventures, finally past away on Thursday. After such a tragedy I decided, I just needed something comforting.  
And you know what, comforters are comforting.
Fancy that.
When I did finally pull myself out of this tangle of sheets, I set about baking away my sorrows.  However, after multiple cooking incidents ranging from miseyeballed metric conversions to the shortcomings of an easy-bake oven, this remedy was eventually abandoned and I resorted to staring at pictures of new cameras from the security of my bed.  During this period of wallowing, I compiled a list of things that I miss from home:
Baking Powder
Powdered Sugar 
Brown Sugar
Measuring Cups
Parchment Paper
Baking Sheets
A Food Processor
My Mom's Oven
Gas Stoves
Sharp Knives
Stand Up Showers

Moping has been very productive for homesick blues, and naturally, this list could go on and on and on.  I've managed to intercept some of this melancholy however by adding things to my Svpply.  This dandy little website allows you to create a list of everything you want need, and in some odd way, making these lists makes me feel a wee bit better...
As for the status of my camera, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do quite yet.  Until I figure it out, I suppose I'll just post some b-roll from my iphoto; pictures that were taken pre-camera death, and in many cases, pre-French visa.  Check back for pictures of Portland, full moons, funny faces, and whatever else I can find in the recesses of my hard drive. 
Perhaps a little bit of nostalgia will drag me out from under this raincloud.