Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Neighbor Night...

My neighborhood has everything I could ask for: a grocer, a butcher, a baker, a cafe, a winery, 
and a brewery!

Inside the Mountain Brewery.
Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery is the perfect midweek treat.  They have a small selection of organic, craft beers with names like, Wilder Wheat (named for Wilder Ranch up highway 1), seasonal Olallieberry Cream Ale (I think olallieberries are unique to Santa Cruz), and Horse Tail Ale (for the old carousel on the boardwalk). 
Playing bananagrams and drinking Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery IPA.
Inside is cozy and warmly lit. A sculptural copper tree with pint glass leaves grows out of the back wall, and there's a stack of board games in the corner.  Outside on the patio, you and your dog can sit under heating lamps and watch the sunset.  
Having an intimate"spot" makes me feel more at home in my neighborhood!