Thursday, August 25, 2011


In June, I began eating meat. 
Though Ryan would like to attribute the massive life change (10+years as a vegetarian!) to himself, I'm more inclined think it's due to the influence of Anthony Bourdain and his contempt for v-egg-annes.  

 Predominately however, I began eating meat as a response to the quality and craft of artisan foods that has become quite celebrated on the West Coast.  

My first bite as an omnivorous being was at Bar Tartine, where I ate a smoked blood sausage.  
Diving right in, I suppose!

It was absolutely delicious- salty, smokey, chewy, and, I suppose "meaty".  I've been occupied with eating the very best and most unusual meats ever since.  

Down the street from my summer home in Santa Cruz is the beautiful, smokey scented, community butcher shop.
El Salchichero is manned by the most manly of butchers.  Big boys with giant mutton chops, ruddy pink cheeks, tattoos up their arms and onto their ears, and the perfunctory bloody aprons and cleavers.  
I'm in love with all of them, they're so befitting of their jobs.
they make some darn good meat.

My favorites from El Salchichero include:
smoked chicken
smoked peach and basil sausages
perro calientes
blood sausages
and more

I can't wait to have a neighborhood boucher in France!