Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Southern California...

After eight long months, the travel bug is hard to kick.  Thus, in the spirit of adventure, I did a quick turn around at home, then hopped on a plane to Southern California.


 Frankly, I have always been pretty prejudiced towards Southern California.  It seems silly now, but not having really spent any time there, I fell prey to believing the stereotypes of gas guzzling, freeway congesting, warm weather-hedonism that seem to circulate the liberal coast of Northern California.   Yet, although they may use rather a lot of gas to get anywhere, traffic could be nightmarish, and they do have the best weather ever (Hmm, I guess I just confirmed every stereotype right there), Southern California is GREAT!
I think these vicious rumors started off more along the lines of jealousy.  What blue-sky craving, bus taking, bring-fifty-layers-of-clothes-with-you-just-to-walk-a-block-just-in-case, Northern Californianer wouldn't be jealous??
And, albeit more spread out than I'm used to in Northern California, there doesn't seem to be anything down there that they don't have/couldn't have down there.  Proof of this my reunion with Jami Cakes, which resulted in a day long crawl through Hollywood's greater food scene, and in contrast, the quite street of Los Ramos in San Juan Capistrano.
It might just be the sun, but...I think I'm in love.