Friday, April 13, 2012

Drive By Shooting...

No rest for the weary...after getting a good dose of much needed sunshine in Southern California, it was back on Southwest and off to 
Las Vegas, Nevada.  
I've found it quite funny how my opinion of Southwest Airlines has changed over the last months.  After countless cramped flights aboard EasyJet (although, I'm not complaining- they have the best in-flight magazine in the industry), Southwest seems so posh.  Peanuts?  Complementary soft drinks?  A bit of wiggle room and WHAT? two checked bags????

Just outside the brilliant, glitzy bright lights and bells and whistles of Las Vegas, these shots are taken from the car window in Boulder City.  These empty roads and worn down signs seem sad to me, particularly in contrast to it's glamorous city.  It seems like another one of those little American towns that just slipped through the cracks.