Friday, April 20, 2012

Santa Cruz...

Santa Cruz...I've spent so many years struggling to free myself from this place, taking off to someplace new only to be pulled back again by gnawing forces of commitment.  Every time I leave, it's never to return.
And yet, here I am.  It's April and I'm back at square one for what promises to be the shortest time possible.  And you know, it's really not that bad.  If France gave me anything, besides pneumonia and an expensive addiction to oysters,  I think I've gained just a little bit of perspective on the place I come from.

So for the next 57 days (not that I'm counting or anything), I'll be focusing on the things I love about Santa Cruz.  A year ago, that list would have been made up of maybe one thing.  But times have changed, and though I still feel restless to a certain degree, I think I've become better at appreciating things  that are familiar.  
So in that spirit, keep your eyes peeled for stories about everything that I love in sleepy Santa Cruz.

P.S.  I took these pictures at the trailer park at UC Santa Cruz.  I don't really know if that place constitutes as somewhere I love per say, but I do feel it sort of sums up a little bit of that quintessential Santa Cruz feel.