Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fish & Chips...

I have about two hundred bookmarks saved on my computer.  Each one is neatly cataloged on the toolbar, under files ranging from food and photography, to subcategories of recipes, illustration, and craft.  Fourth from the left is a folder called world.  Click on this and it will drop down, opening up into continents, which lead off into countries, states, and finally, cities.  Here is where I have tucked away references for places that I have visited at home and away, with favorites like ForageSF, San Francisco's underground market,  to Refinery29's interviews with local chef that list their favorite places to eat in the bay.  These references are endlessly helpful and make for fun treasure hunts as I scope out new haunts in places I've never visited.  No system is fail proof however, and naturally, some of these places fall a bit flat.
Kerbisher & Malt, London's little Fish and Chips shop in the W6 neighborhood is one of these.  My standards for British fare have never been high, but a little bit of anticipation and a special train ride out to the city warranted something a little more exciting than what I got.  Though not bad, by any means, the bland fish and sorry chips were not entitled to any the awards or reviews they taut.  "I almost want to write a love poem to their chips", writes the Sunday Telegraph.  

Though I may be at odds with the British palate, Kerbisher & Malt was a charming place to sit and eat, cleanly decorated with subway tiles, sharp light fixtures and a community table which served as the perfect vantage point to watch red double decker buses roll by.  
And they do have quite good beer