Friday, March 9, 2012

A Tisket, A Tasket...

I recently rediscovered An Apple A Day, a blog created by Brooklyn-based florist Amy Merrick.  I spent a couple of days pouring backwards through the archived pages, reading it like a book.  Her flower bouquets are absolutely amazing and I found them really inspiring.  I've always been fond of having my menagerie of indoor plants, but now, after fawning over her beautiful bouquets, I think I need some floral arrangements too.  
Wasting no time, I set out on a walk around the island, and picked and pulled a whole bundle of green and yellow foliage.  The island is just on the cusp of spring and the palate of the earth is turning from brown to greens and yellows.  I spent an hour on the roof munching popcorn and doing my best to put something together à la Amy.  Though nothing like this jaw dropping arrangement, I am a little bit proud of my first attempts with the weeds and jam jars I could find.

I think this could become an addiction.