Sunday, March 25, 2012

East London...

After a bittersweet farewell to the island that had been our home this month, we set off on the first leg of the journey homeward.  The time that had passed while we were on the road seemed, from this vantage point, both endless and lightning quick simultaneously.  Trying to think back upon the experience in its entirety is nearly impossible.  I've found that it's to remember things hour by hour, methodically walking myself back through a specific day, revisiting sights and sounds and sensations...  I was ready to go home, but I also knew that settling back into real life might prove a little challenging.  It is better, I think to sort of ease back into things.  London was the first stop in this transition.
Deborah and Morgan, our friends from Atlantis gave us the most compelling tour of London; by the end of the first day we spent following them around the East Side, I was just about convinced that I had to move to Shoreditch.  (And this thought even with cold weather!) 
Together we walked along the canals, through the Chelsea Flower Market, street food fairs, and bustling streets.  Sundays in London have a liveliness to them that's contagious and my fears of the trip coming to a close were trumped by an excitement to plan the next adventure.