Monday, February 20, 2012

Rome In A Day...

 The last time I was here, I swore I'd never come back.  Little did I know however, how powerful the magic of the Trevi fountain can be.  Legend has it, throw a coin over your shoulder into this enchanted fountain, and some day you will return to Rome.  So here I am, fulfilling prophecies and all that jazz.  (Really, I'm just on a one day layover en route to Greece.)
We spent the day walking around the city, fending off rose-brandishing gypsies, vendors hawking blessed pictures of ye old pope, and over-eager "tour guides".  And though certainly a nuisance, fighting our way through the hawkers and hucksters was nothing compared to the dehabilitating embarrassment I felt at not being able to communicate in Italian.  I've never really been anywhere before where I don't speak the language and I was not quite prepared for the feelings of helplessness and humiliation that being a foreigner would entail.  
No one noticed or cared aside from me, of course, but still!

 The light of God?
Does anyone happen to know what sorts of auspicious omens arise from fondling this bronze foot in St. Peters Basilica?

 In the interest of not being too negative in my outlook, I must admit that Rome does have some redeeming qualities.  I enjoyed strolling through crooked little alleys and backstreets, shaded by slumped over buildings.  I admired the local dogs and Ryan found a cool hat shop.  And we  Pretty unremarkable food, as a matter of fact.  And terrible gelato.  
Oops. So much for positivity.  Oh well.

So yes.  Rome is beautiful.  But, needless to say, I did not throw a coin into the fountain today.