Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day...

I was going to keep this a secret, but somehow word got out.

I live in a dorm room.

And if the embarrassment of this demotion isn't enough, I'm surrounded by animals.  Sweet, friendly animals, to be sure, but animals none the less.  It's a shame when the public restroom is more inviting than one's own, and the kitchen...well.  Suddenly the word squalor, seems to be creeping its way into my everyday lexicon.
In a vain attempt to fool myself into thinking I live somewhere lovely and homely, I've turned my tiny room into a greenhouse.  Jars full of succulents, hanging air ferns, bouquets of alstroemeria and bowls full of fragrant lemons have all made new homes in my room.
 (The stack of books above is a clue to what I've been reading lately.  I was m.i.a. all of last week, absolutely addicted to Murakami's, Kafka on the Shore. Also in the line up: Mark Twain, my kindred spirit.)

Hanging plant balls seem to be taking over the window displays at the Santa Cruz nurseries.  They're pretty visually striking, and very easy to make.  I used this funny tutorial here.

Despite my best efforts to beautify this unfortunate room, I can't help but count down the days (46!) until I leave and finally settle into
 a place of my own.